The Apple Grave

All the content below is original copyright material created from my own thoughts, relayed by my own fingers. In my past life as an Apple enthusiast, I granted limited copyright of my content to the listed sites to host said content. However, this centralized archive is needed for two reasons:

  1. As the web ages, many posts are lost to the ether. In fact, many of these posts had to be reconstructed by painstakingly digging through the WayBackMachine (a heroic endeavor if there ever was one, infinite thanks to the team at
  2. As a personal preference, I would love to see the most interesting of my Apple technology posts have a centralized repository. While I no longer find myself a part of the Apple Community, it was a long, empowering, and meaningful journey (1992-2015).

Archive of articles originally published on my behalf by Low End Mac. Some of the older articles are still available on my old profile while others were lost in the transition to the new Low End Mac CRM.

DealNews is a deal site that once offered forums to the community. A group of disaffected community members formed AppleSwitcher. Long ago, I wrote for the AppleSwitcher blog (dead) and forums.