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Nathan Thompon

Media Sharing

Second task handled by my PMC is media sharing. Look, like most modern media users, I stream quite a bit from` the big cloud services too. However, there are times when:

Internet is not working.

I have rips, scans, or self created content which does not exist in those big silos.

I am an advocate of avoiding digital rights management (DRM) (any method of encryption on digital content meant to control when, where, how you use such content) when possible which means much of my content was not acquired by the usual big digital media outlets. CDs for music, scans of my own physically owned printed material, or purposely seeking out media publishers/resellers which offer DRM free music, movies, books, etc.

Even in the case of content such as DVDs, Blu-rays, or the odd digital book purchased with DRM, I am likewise an advocate of removing DRM. Solely for personal use, and anyone reading should double check the laws in their own locations before pursuing DRM removal techniques. My goal is never to freely distribute copyrighted content, no, instead my desire is to allow for content only consumable in a particularly way to now be consumable in other ways. The concept of format shifting, solely for personal use, as I cannot stress enough.

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